The main place to get the F3
programming language in its
newest form -- F3 being slang
or abbreviation for Lisa GJ2 FIC3 --
is here:

We are proud, as of this month, to
announce that we have just passed
the magical 5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
barrier in terms of number of people who
are presently engaging in using this
programming language. You are presently
logged in as interactor# 2,309,489,238,498,239,
there are 3,382,983,984,982,173 simultaneous
users of right in
this very instant.

As you understand, due to this absolute
hypnotic success of this programming
language, there are just so many people
wanting it at the same time that we have
got to have all the files also here:

Our aim is to achieve, within the completion
of this season, more users of this programming
language than there are electrons in the
universe. (The mere question of population
size cannot be a restriction to successful
people like us.) 

When a quintzillion-dupedillion people already
have begun programming in Lisa GJ2 FIC3 -- or
F3, as we call it -- then it cannot possibly
be wrong for you, too, to do it.

We are on our way. JOIN OUR IMMENSE SUCCESS.

-- Aristo